New build


Planning for the building of a new home can be really exciting.  However, there are always plenty of different things you need to keep in mind!  Budgeting, timescales, and even hiring the team to take care of the physical labour for you.  Here at Benco Builders, we will always be happy to take on custom new build projects across our region.

From a simple project design, we will help you create the perfect new build home from scratch.  From basement and foundation to walls, insulation, plumbing and electrics, we will ensure your new property is safe, warm and aesthetically pleasing.

All the way up to a long-lasting roof, a unique garden space and all the modern finishes, Benco is ready to bring all manner of new build designs and project ideas off the page and into reality.

Are you looking to create your own home?  Want control over your project?  It’s time to get in touch with a leading team who is always raring to support you.  With years of experience in the design and build trade, Benco is here to offer cost-effective, reliable home building support across the region.  Call now or email our team for more information and to set up a free quote for your project.